De tweet waarmee Trump gelijk had

Het gaat niet om Floyd. Het gaat niet om racisme. Het gaat om regime change. Je zou voorwaar kunnen stellen “loontje komt om zijn boontje”, want dàt wat er nu in de VSA gebeurt, wordt stelselmatig in andere landen door de VSA uitgelokt en aangemoedigd. En dat krijgt dan ook een ander etiket, zoals bv. “democratie”, “westerse waarden”, ja zelfs “bevrijding”.

De bronafbeelding bekijken

“Wij zijn getuigen van een massale opstand, de natte droom van de extreemlinksen. Binnen een korte tijdspanne, enkele uren, mobiliseerden verschillende Antifacellen in heel de VSA om de black-lives-betogers, rovers, brandstichters, criminelen een handje te helpen.” dixit Andy Ngo.

Ondertiteling en vertaling via icoontjes onderaan.

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  1. Inderdaad, het gaat hier over heel wat anders. Ik zal in verschillende reacties nog wat bijkomende info geven, die natuurlijk in de MSM leugen – en verraderspers niet te vinden is :
    met enkele citaten (kunnen vertaald worden via Google ):
    “Author David Horowitz told Newsmax TV on Tuesday that the Democratic Party has exploited the [fake] ‘death of a black man’ and “ginned up a race war” in desperate hopes of getting Joe Biden elected.
    “The Democratic Party has [psychotically] stirred up [the NWO created] *race war* of 2020– as supposedly (and insanely) a political weapon against a Republican president. In desperate hopes to elect Biden, And yet Biden is a senile fool — as anybody can see – just an empty suit.” Horowitz said on NEWSMAX TV – “Greg Kelly Reports.”
    Horowitz said evidence of the Democratic strategy can be seen in the requirements imposed for the Covid [psyop], including social distancing, which have been ignored for the protests and riots.
    “The Democrats aren’t interested in [public health]” Horowitz said. “Their support for social distancing [and lockdown] was their means of shutting down the economy, so they could create 40 million unemployed and blame it on Trump. And their position now of ignoring the social distancing problem [with the protests] is because they are suddenly on the side of the thugs.”— [Its now literally any psychotic or satanic ammunition they can devise to politically aim at Trump. Health and safety of the nation be dammed]…” (=einde citaten)
    Met democraten of liberals worden hier in feite (crypto) communisten bedoeld. Het gaat hier dan ook om een verkapte staatsgreep door deze communisten. Ik verwijs ook naar de noot van de redactie in deze link. Alle door de democraten bestuurden staten en steden zijn dan ook beerputten.
    Over Floyd :
    met enkele korte citaten :
    “”Murder of George Floyd” was a total hoax (psyop fakery) ALL WERE JUST ACTING A FAKE DRAMA. Event was faked (by ‘special ops group’ GLADIO-B)–in order to stir social violence….
    Minneapolis “murder” scene– was a staged hoax, faked –to incite nationwide riots for the evil desires of the NWO….
    Government agencies and “leaders” have “stood down” because the NWO wants this violence. They want it. ….
    Watch Communist Antifa / Deep State Agent PAYING And Directing Rioters On What To Do. This Highly Organized Violence Has Nothing To Do With (the hoax of fictional crisis actor) ‘George Floyd’ – It Was All Planned To Replace The Failing Coronavirus Op………………….
    Most ppl have seen MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies and TV shows about elaborate staged deceptions. IN THE MOVIES they always make the plot that GOOD people are using a psyop against BAD PEOPLE. But in real life, MOST OF THE TIME psyops are enacted by very bad and evil entities, to bamboozle the innocent and manipulate them against their own best interests. This is the most common use of psyops. ITS A FACT that the NWO has secretly run the USA for decades and almost all the “leaders” in USA federal and and state governments (both parties) secretly work for the NWO (not you and me). Now the NWO is trying to melt down America, destroy it, like a car after a crash- now just refuse in a junk yard, so the steel can be melted down and re-used to make a NEW car, a different entity…. So they can remold USA, turn it into a CONTROLLED tyranny state like China……………..

    ITS A WAR, not only upon USA but 145 other nations at the same time. However Americans are sooooooo naive and emo manipulable they don’t even YET realize they are being waged war upon. Because instead of bullets and bombs the NWO is using STAGED propaganda hoaxes, psyops (“covid” lockdown, “george floyd”) thru mass m-s-m media and social media —to bamboozle the public mindset into cooperating with the destruction of America. And in fact to now have USA even HELP the NWO achieve it– WITH COAST TO COAST toxic social violence. People are soooo naive they don’t see this era of crazed hysteria for what it REALLY IS……(=einde citaten).
    Van belang in het voormelde citaat, dat samenzwering niet beperkt blijft tot de USA.
    In deze link is er een analyse van de “psyops”. Ik verwijs naar de tekst in de link. Van belang is ook dat Covid 19 het voorspel was tot deze “rassenoorlogen”, die sinds langere tijd gepland waren.
    Over de doelstellingen :
    met citaten :
    “REVEALED — The Riots are to Stop Obama From Being Prosecuted – A Must See Mark Taylor Video ……….. This Is What The NWO Want…. Civil unrest part of the plan…………Take down middle class and destroy small businesses “self-sustainers” part of the plan…………China gets a cold part of the plan..
    Big Pharma profits in trillions part of the plan……….Demolition of the world economy to buy low, wipe out the little guys and restructure global power part of the plan………………
    Don’t go along with the plan – see through the plan – expose the plan – do not attack your fellow person – they are not your enemy – do not go along with the plan……… (=einde citaten).
    De voormelde citaten geven dan ook een totaal ander beeld, dan hetgeen via de MSM leugen – en verraderspers wordt verspreid. En opnieuw blijft het oorverdovend stil in Vlaanderen !!!(op enkele kleine uitzonderingen na). Dit zal zich nog wreken.

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