Bommen volstaan niet.

Verschillende nieuwskanalen in Syrië liggen plat.  We krijgen telkens weer de boodschap dat er mogelijk een ‘cyber attack’ bezig is. 

  • Masdar News is meestal goed geïnformeerd en speelt kort op de bal:

System is Unavailable 🙁
We’re sorry, currently there seems to be something wrong.
Al-Masdar News has grown exponentially over the last couple of years on the simple premise of publishing ALL news about any event we cover. Unfortunately that brings cyber attacks from people that disagree with the news we publish and try to silence us rather than put on their big boy pants and get their own views published, so in 99% of the cases where our system is unavailable it is due to one of these attacks, the other 1% it is usually an IT staff that did something wrong due to lack of sleep.
On behalf of the Al-Masdar News team, we are thankful for all the support we receive.


  • Syria News: Error 522 Ray ID: 40bd3b1b2265442d • 2018-04-15 09:02:31 UTC

Connection timed out

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