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  1. En wie was daar ook actief zoals gewoonlijk : de George !!
    met citaat :
    “Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo chamber’ and drive national protests
    Hedge fund mogul’s Open Society Foundations made huge donations
    Organizers bussed in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning
    Different cash recipients would repeat each others’ messages
    Helped to keep events and messages at the top of news agenda
    Soros cash, from speculating on markets, is given to many liberal causes”(=einde citaat).
    “Liberal” dient hier als “links” gelezen te worden.
    En over het “racisme” :
    met citaat :
    “Over the past 35 years in America, an estimated 324,000 blacks have been killed at the hands of fellow blacks, proving “racist” white cops are the least of their worries. – “(=einde citaat).
    Iets over gehoord in de poco media??
    Over de stijgende misdaadcijfers in enkele steden :
    met enkele citaten :
    “Murder Rates in Chicago, L.A., Dallas, Vegas Skyrocket
    “Holy cow, do we have a problem.”…..
    ……Law enforcement officials and experts are saying the increase over the last year is due to many factors, including an uptick in gang and drug-related violence. Yet, many believe cops and citizens are now interacting differently since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has shifted attitudes to distrust police…..
    …Of course, this is the same administration that has launched investigations into U.S. police departments to root out “systemic racism” among its ranks to try and create a better relationship between cops and citizens. Recommendations made from these “investigations” include hiring people who look like the communities they protect and putting new people in power, as in Ferguson which now has a new black police chief in an effort to ease tensions…..”(=einde citaat).
    De ganse tekst is echter van belang.
    Dit laatste citaat is zeker van belang voor de sheriff van Antwerpen die het Paard van Troje gaat binnenhalen.

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