“Plunder voorzichtig en verantwoord!”

De zoon van meester-zakkenvuller en blankenhater Zuma geeft raad aan de horden gewelddadige plunderaars:

“Aan de mensen die protesteren en plunderen, doe dit aub voorzichtig en verantwoord.”

Iemand trekt aan de touwtjes, betaalt hen om oproer te zaaien… zoals in de VSA het geval was:

De BBC’s poco berichtgeving: “Het is een giftige mengeling van o.a. werkloosheid, ongelijkheid en stammennationalisme…”

Ah zo, dan is het in orde…

Daarmee herhaalt de BBC de woorden van Zuma jr., nl. dat de problemen ontstaan zijn door armoede, werkloosheid, ongelijkheid, honger en door de arrestatie van Zuma sr en de lockdown.

Wie honger heeft, giet geen melk over zijn voeten “voor de lol”:

Buitenlandse investeerders zagen hun bedrijf in de vlammen verdwijnen. Ze zullen in de toekomst twee keer nadenken waar ze hun geld onderbrengen…

Geliefde doelwitten: de boeren:

Zuma sr. ziet niet in wat hij fout heeft gedaan. Hij heeft niets gestolen…

Oudere bijdragen over Zuma:

Klik hier voor het corruptieproces

Eén gedachte over ““Plunder voorzichtig en verantwoord!”

  1. De burgeroorlog in Zuid Afrika, is ook van belang voor de USA en vooral voor de EUSSR, het geeft immers een beeld van wat ons ook te wachten staat, en wat de oorzaken er van zijn. Een beperkende opsomming van de verschillende elementen :
    met citaat : “ From South Africa, Wednesday, 14 July 2021, Day 3 of the South Africa societal collapse: All food in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Province of South Africa has been either looted or intentionally destroyed. The Zulu tribe is now publicly saying they intend to “starve-out” the white and Indian (sub-continent) people in that province.On day 3 of the rioting and looting, it is now clear the _actual_ goal of the rioters is a Race War…………Will this be YOU? These troubles in South Africa are being carried out by some of the very same type of people we saw here in America, doing much the same, last summer. At the time, they dressed-up their race-hatred with slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and ANTIFA; but the base hatred is all the same…. “ (=einde citaat).
    Het gaat hier dus wel degelijk om een rassenoorlog, waarbij vooral de blanken worden geviseerd. Een grondiger analyse is er in de volgende bon van Hal Turner :
    met citaat : “Hal Turner Opinion : It is hard for readers, viewing such violence from the comfort and safety of their homes, to understand why things are so horrific. But we’re not there. We’re not “in it.”The folks who are using such extreme force against rioters, looters, and arsonists, are watching their country be smashed, looted, and burned. They’re watching their neighbors be raped, beaten, and killed by mobs. They’re watching their entire communities be burnt to the ground. Their very lives are being threatened by these riotous mobs – and the average citizen is now seeing their personal mental state change from civilized to warlike. It’s tough to bear that in mind as we sip coffee, eat lunch or dinner, and watch TV in peace and safety, but THIS is what real life becomes when barbarism attacks.We got a small taste of it last summer when rioting and looting struck major cities here in the USA. Thankfully, our police were able to restore order and make mass arrests . . . only to have radical District Attorneys like Cyrus Vance in New York City, dismiss all charges and set the rioters/looters free.Now that the world is seeing how South Africa handles riots, arson, and looting, maybe next time such things erupt in America, guys like Cyrus Vance will be remembered . . . and Americans won’t be fooled into trusting the courts and the law again? Maybe next time, what we see above as far as citizens going after looters, shooting them and beating them to death, might be seen here, in America. … “ (einde citaten).
    Hij maakt hier ook voorspelling naar de toekomst, en maakt de vergelijking met de onlusten in de USA, waar de ordediensten na veel moeite de toestand alsnog onder controle kregen, maar de daders vrij uit gingen dankzij communistische procureurs. Dit komt ons bekend voor. Hij trekt ook de aandacht op het belang om in het verzet te gaan.
    Over de rol van de politie : https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/80371/south-africa-collapse-amid-riots-police-caught.html
    met citaat : “Via: Daily Mail: Policemen in South Africa have been caught looting goods as the ransacking of stores and warehouses continued into a fifth day – with huge queues forming outside supermarkets amid fears of food shortages caused by the rioting. …….Footage showed people accosting a man wearing a police jacket beside a hatchback filled with household supplies, including bread, milk and cooking oil. The woman filming says: ‘This is a police officer, in uniform, looting … This is our SAPS (South African Police Service), guys.’” (=einde citaat). In de voormelde brug zijn de reacties van belang, gezien de gevoeligheid ervan, verwijs ik de lezers naar de inhoud van brug.
    De regering gaat het leger inzetten, om te helpen “plunderen” ? :
    met citaat : “Update (1810ET): As social unrest nears the 7th day in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, the South African Army Reserve has ordered “all Reserve Members” for duty on Thursday morning. ….”As directed by Chief of the South African Army, Lieutenant General Lawrence Khulekani Mbatha all Reserve Members are to report for duty at First Light tomorrow morning 15 July 2021 at their respective units,” the statement read…. “ (=einde citaat).
    Wat er vandaag gaande is, werd reeds 4 jaar geleden voorspeld :
    White South Africans Are Preparing For “Removal of All Whites Within Five Years”

    met citaat : “Leftist South African leaders have in recent months threatened “the slaughter of all whites, and the removal of all whites within five years,” prompting Suidlanders to prepare for a surprise civil war event which they now believe is imminent. …” = (einde citaat). 53.693 – May 4, 2017 3:41 PM. Deze brug van Zero Hedge is echter niet meer beschikbaar.
    Wat vandaag, en sinds 1994 gaande is in Zuid Afrika, is geen toeval, maar het rechtstreeks gevolg van het ingrijpen van de USA belangen : https://mises.org/wire/american-architects-south-african-catastrophe
    met citaat : “In contrast to what South Africa became, the United States is a country where the constitution was supposed to thwart the tyranny of the majority. This averting was meant to occur by means of a federal structure, in which powers are divided and dispersed between — and within — a central government and the constituent states. Yet the Americans sided with the ANC — the consequence of which has been the raw, ripe rule of the mob and its dominant, anointed party. ………” (=einde citaat). De belangen in de USA brachten het communistische ANC aan de macht, en waren niet begaan met de toekomst van Zuid Afrika. Over de ware aard van het ANC en het verraad van enkele Afrikaander kopstukken, zie de tekst in de volgende brug : https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/08/-iq.html
    Dit dateert van “August 25, 2018”. Over de plundering van Zuid Afrika en over de achtergronden van de procedures tegen Zuma en over het fenomeen corruptie :
    met titel en citaat : “South Africa Victim of Commie Jewish Scam –
    It was one of the most audacious and lucrative scams of the century. Drawing on the bribery of President Jacob Zuma–and with the help of leading international firms like KPMG, McKinsey, and SAP–the Guptas may have drained the national treasury of as much as $7 billion. Zuma was forced to resign. This is called “State Capture.”. Jacob Zuma who is fighting corruption charges has threatened to spill all the beans and not go down alone!! Jacob Zuma is threatening to reveal who sold us out at CODESA (The deal that ended apartheid), a major ARMS Deal (a military procurement program) files and who in the ANC conspired to kill ANC terrorist leader, Chris Hani, etc!! Zuma says, “When the ANC came home from exile, none of us had a source of income, yet nearly all leaders “bought” houses in expensive suburbs. “Where did that money come from? Saint Mandela lived in a mansion bought by Openheimer, so did Sisulu and Govan. Raymond, Oliver and Mlangeni were “sponsored” by the Rothschild’s. “Angel Thabo, Kgalema, Sexwale, were taken care of by the Ruperts. Many leaders acquired shares in white-owned companies. While Gwala and myself were deployed to deal with tribal wars between the IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) and ourselves, leaders were getting directorships in major mining and blue chip companies. ……..” (=einde citaat).
    Over de “geest” van Afrika, een citaat uit de laatste brug :
    “What Zuma has done is to make us come to the realization that ours is just another African country, not some exceptional country on the southern tip of the African continent. During the presidency of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, some among us used to believe that the black people of SA are better than those of other African countries. We must all thank Zuma for revealing our true African character; that the idea of rule of law is not part of who we are, and that constitutionalism is a concept far ahead of us as a people………………Now that we have reclaimed our place as another African country, we must reflect on and come to terms with our real character, and imagine what our future portends.In a typical African country, ordinary people don’t expect much of politicians, because people get tired of repeated empty promises.In a typical African country, people have no illusions about the unity of morality and governance. People know that those who have power have it for themselves and their friends and families.The idea that the state is an instrument for people’s development is a Western concept, and has been copied by pockets of Asian countries.Africans and their leaders don’t like to copy from the West. They are happy to remain African, and do things “the African way”.The African way is rule by kings, chiefs and indunas in a setting of unwritten rules. Is there anyone who has seen a book of African customary laws? The idea that a commoner can raise questions about public money spent on the residence of a king is not African. The ANC MPs who have been defending Zuma are true Africans…. “ (=einde citaat).

    De 3 reacties zijn zeker ook van belang, m.b.t. het ontstaan van het Afrikaans.. en de achtergronden van het ANC.
    Voor mensen die enige voeling hebben met Afrikaanse middens, zal de analyse in het laatste citaat bekend voorkomen. Dat is ook van belang voor de “ontwikkelingshulp” die men aan Afrika geeft, die is immers totaal nutteloos, en vooral voor de “invasielegers” uit Afrika die de EUSSR importeert. Er staat ons dan ook het zelfde te wachten als het lot van de blanken in Zuid Afrika.
    Er zijn echter bij de Afrikanen, die in de EUSSR wonen, wel verlichte geesten, maar zij vormen een uitzondering. Een Congolese vrouw uit Katanga verklaarde mij jaren geleden : “Les Oncles doivent revenir, il y a assez pour tout le monde….”. (=einde citaat).
    Als men de “geest” van Afrika niet begrijpt, kan men er beter wegblijven en ook zwijgen. Wie dit wel begrepen heeft, zijn de 2 Olifanten die achter het ANC schuil gaan, en die ook het Coudenhove Kalergi plan doen uitvoeren.

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