Historische toespraak van Assad

Gerelateerde afbeelding

… van Hafez al-Assad, vader van de huidige Syrische president. Alsof hij vandaag geschreven werd…

“We won’t miss the road, because we have a cause, we hold tight, because we have a home country we love and hold tight, but you, you don’t have a home country, because your home country is where your opportunistic interests, where your greed is, where your opportunism is, your home country is where unjust and oppression is, where hatred and abuse is..

The home country of ignorance is a moving country , border less and not constant, swims over people in the whole planet, crushes skulls, kills values, ruins human coherence wherever it can.. This is the home of ignorance. And for their misfortune, and misfortune of their masters in Washington & Tel Aviv, that we know they are individuals and they are very small in numbers, even those who managed to sneak into this place or that, he won’t represent except those small numbers of individuals, they laid with them their consciousness and their honesty outside the borders of the home country.

Either way, they saw and they’ll see more in the future as they saw in the past, that the people are more stronger than them and more stronger than their masters, and their financiers, and that people are first the hard workers of laborers, farmers, and revolutionary intellectuals, and the ideological soldiers who believe in Unity, Freedom and Socialism.

Sons, The awareness of our people is big, the awareness of our people is the hard rock that dreams of enemies break against it, the colonizers. The awareness of our people has always been big, and the guarantee for each successful movement in this country.

Colonization failed, before and it won’t win later in misleading our people, to mislead our populace, notice this rabid campaign that is waged by foreign media and especially those combined media, this rabid campaign that targets our people’s self-confidence, targets the confidence of our people in their leadership, but our people are big and noble, big in their ambitions, big in their understanding, big in their struggle.

The mediums of the colonizers, the misleading media will not be able to get to our people through radios, newspapers nor any other misleading medium, they won’t get to ‘affect’ our people’s determination and seriousness.