2 gedachten over “Franse senaat weigert verplichte corona-vaccinatie

  1. Oef !!!
    Zie ik dan toch een klein beetje gezond verstand terugkeren. Laat ons hopen.

    • Paul,
      Ik vrees echter dat het hier gaat om een “tactische zet” met het oog op de presidentsverkiezingen in Frankrijk.

      Deze laatste zijn zo al een gigantisch bedrog, en geregisseerd door de 2 Olifanten in de kamer die in Frankrijk schuilgaan achter de dekmantel van “la gauche caviar”. Over de cynische komedie :
      met titel en citaat : “Funding Both Sides: France’s New ‘Right’ Candidate Backed by Rothschilds’ Connections “ – ER Editor: Although the Rothschilds are known to be behind the globalist, de-industrialization, green, LGTB/transgender, mass immigration, climate nonsense causes, it was always about funding both sides throughout history to obtain the desired personal outcome. Here we see a good example of that – arms-length connections to a potential new French presidential candidate, the bastion of the identitarian right – Eric Zemmour, who isn’t afraid to call a spade a shovel when it comes to the influence of migrant groups in France, especially Muslims. As Free Thinker (Le Libre Penseur, dentist Salim Laibi) notes below, he makes Marine Le Pen look like a girl guide.
      France is definitely making a shift to the right in its thinking, as are many places. A seasoned political observer known to us saw this story and simply said, ‘they’ll do anything to stop Le Pen’. We’ll go with that……

      En een citaat over Marine Le Pen :
      NOBODY except Philippot has defended the people through this insane time, and that includes Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. It’s been largely radio silence from both on all the key topics. Le Pen’s had ample opportunity to speak out against many things on our behalf; she only pipes up when Afghanistan starts flying out migrants on an emergency basis. She frequently uses Twitter to gauge opinion on this or that topic instead of speaking up on matters of principle. She quietly plays to the LGTB agenda within her own party, causing some to leave, and dropped Frexit some time ago. She’s shown herself after all this time to be an empty candidate, devoid of good ideas, somebody who reacts instead of initiates. Zemmour sits on a TV set Monday to Friday, writes his editorials, and bam! he wants to be a presidential candidate with no organic political activity or real party. What’s the difference? He’s harder on judgements against migrants, and he’s brand spanking new with blue chip Establishment backers. Who hate the Le Pen family……Le Pen’s lost any edge she had, but won’t go away; Macron’s a now hopeless case, hated by most of the population for his globalist-oriented, ‘get injected or else’ authoritarianism. Yet these are the two likely to face a run-off in the presidential. So what’s the play here? Weaken Le Pen fatally before she gets to the presidential run-off by siphoning her vote. The Rothschilds would be perfectly happy if Macron could simply hang on for another term while France burns to the ground as an independent nation state. Rothschilds’ messenger, Marxist Jacques Attali already has the next presidential contender lined up once Macron’s gone.
      Zemmour IS a rocket scientist, and far too informed to not know what’s going on, who his backers really are, and what their agenda is…. (=einde citaten).

      Opnieuw zien we hier de perverse rol van de mollen, die ook rond Marine Le Pen actief zijn, en haar ook in een ijzeren greep hebben. Dit verklaart ook haar passiviteit m.b.t de 19(84) samenzwering, waar Mr Wouters in zijn voorlaatste cyclus ook al naar verwees. Hier heeft men de verklaring. Onder de dekmantel van een nieuwe benaming, Rassemblement National, pleegde ze dan ook verraad t.o.v. de leden en haar kiezers. Vervang Rassemblement door Trahison (=verraad), en dit geeft dan een juister beeld, van haar partij. Eenmaal men zijn ziel verkocht heeft aan de duivel, zoals Faust, is er immers geen weg meer terug, en dient men de kelk te ledigen tot het bittere einde. (=lees : de ondergang).

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