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  1. Voor mij is dat een in scene gezette misdaad om de uitstap te voorkomen.
    Wij weten dat linksen tot ALLES in staat zijn om behoud van de postjes daarom dat ze die gewelddadige geïmporteerde barbaren vooral niets in de weg leggen want zij knappen het vuile werk wel op “met plezier”.

  2. Over de rol van de “echtgenoot” :
    met citaat :
    “‘Vile’: How Jo Cox’s husband scorned Nigel Farage’s anti-immigration poster just 90 minutes before his wife’s death
    • Farage unveiled a poster showing refugees with the words ‘breaking point’
    • Brendan Cox tweeted ‘vile’ in response to a tweet containing the poster
    • Just 90 minutes later, his wife, Jo Cox, was shot and stabbed to death
    By Glen Owen, Political Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday
    Published: 22:48 GMT, 18 June 2016 | Updated: 11:32 GMT, 19 June 2016
    Brendan Cox was involved in a powerful attack on Nigel Farage’s provocative anti-immigration poster campaign at the time of his wife Jo’s death.
    The Ukip leader unveiled his controversial poster, depicting a column of impoverished refugees under the banner ‘Breaking Point’, on Thursday morning.
    Mr Cox, a Remain supporter, reacted immediately by forwarding an angry message from a fellow Twitter user which read: ‘I feel sick. Refugees are people fleeing being bombed, starved. Nigel Farage is a person fleeing facts and humanity’.”(=einde citaat)
    Dit citaat werpt dan ook een ander licht op wat er werkelijk achter de campagne tegen de “Brexit” schuil gaat.
    Het gaat er in feite om de massale invasies veilig te stellen.
    Nog enkele elementen :
    met citaten :
    “-Undemocratic elite
    Brendan Cox had to resign from the charity Save the Children fund in November 2015 over allegations of behaving inappropriately with female members of staff. He denied the allegations, but left anyway.
    In the same year, Save the Children USA presented Tony Blair with a ‘global legacy award’.”
    “Save the Children” die een man vereert met bloed aan zijn poten van duizenden kinderen !!!!
    Nog een citaat :
    “As Morgoth’s Review brilliantly put it in The Jo Cox Murder and the Liberal Elite:
    “The liberal classes, media and political, have an agenda which is objectively false and they will vilify and attack anyone who disagrees and attempts to push a counter narrative.
    “The liberal classes are truly detested by a massive number of British people and they, the liberals, are unable to understand why …
    “…The problem we face is that the liberal establishment are not just seen to be living in merely an ivory tower or bubble, but in a dark and sinister castle. The decrees and morality which they foist down onto the general population are not ‘humanitarian’ or in any sense morally justifiable; it is ill conceived lunacy at best, genocidal at worst.”
    Nog een citaat : “Toeval”!!
    “On Thursday evening, the day that Jo Cox was murdered, reporting restrictions were lifted on the fact that a 13-man strong Muslim paedophile ring in Halifax was being sentenced to a total of more than 150 years at Leeds Crown Court. It was a good day for burying bad news.
    The day before that, Jo and her husband Brendan and their two children were part of multi-millionaire Bob Geldof’s floating gin palace-led flotilla, on the Thames, from which, on behalf of Stronger In Europe, Geldof led a load of drunken oiks in haranguing and verbally abusing our out-of-work fishermen.”.
    Nog een citaat over de rol van Labour in de verkrachtingszaken :
    “The Halifax Muslim child rape gang was just one of many now operating across the Labour heartlands of northern England that are, largely, being ignored or covered up by social services workers, police and politicians. At the Leeds trial, only 13 of the men were convicted, despite more than one hundred being arrested.
    Bleeding hearts like Jo often don’t realise that it is their do-gooding actions which create far worse problems if the consequences are not properly thought through.
    Was Jo silent on the children being abused because of the number of Muslims in her constituency? Or was her cognitive dissonance somehow connected to the political aims of one of her ‘favourite causes’, the White Helmets?”.
    De auteur van de tekst heeft het over “cognitive dissonance”.
    In feite gaat het over “hoogverraad” waarbij meegewerkt wordt aan vreemdelingeninvasies, die gebruikt worden om de autochtone bevolking te terroriseren, en dit dan in de oorlog om onze westerse beschaving te vernietigen.
    Er gaat dus achter de moord op Jo Cox heel wat meer schuil dan eens te meer op het eerste zicht blijkt.

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