Luister naar mijn woorden…

… maar kijk niet naar mijn daden.

Wie gisteravond de Grote Roerganger van de N-BA aan het woord hoorde in Terzake zonder naar de beelden te kijken, had kunnen denken dat een woordvoerder van het Vlaams Belang wel erg radicale taal sprak tegen de charmante Kathleen Cools.

Gelukkig ziet de realiteit er anders uit.  De importsecretaris tapt uit een heel ander vaatje: “Er moet een constante roulatie komen…” (De Standaard)


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  1. We halen al de internationale financiële webstekken met de exploten van de geïmporteerden :
    met een citaat :
    “Belgium also offers courses in proper behavior but apparently, they aren’t especially effective. We say that because as RT reports, “a 16-year-old Afghan refugee, who had recently taken a course on how to behave towards women, has been charged with raping a female employee at a refugee shelter in Belgium.”
    The attack took place in Menan, near the French border where the child has been staying for five months.
    Two weeks before the incident took place, the boy apparently attended a class on how men should treat women in polite society. The class was taught by Red Cross Flanders.
    “When a minor comes to Belgium and when a minor comes to a center of the Red Cross Flanders, we teach them two things: first thing is sexual education… sometimes we are talking about children who are 14, 15, 16 years old. Without parents, they do not know anything,” a spokeswoman for Red Cross told RT.
    “We also have to explain what the normal ways of treating women here in Flanders [are],” she added.
    Now, we’re not sure what “the normal ways of treating women in Flanders” are, but we’re reasonably certain they don’t involve taking caterers into the basement and raping them which is apparently what this young man did. “He already had an eye on her for quite some time, when he followed her into the basement,” the Red Cross explained. ” The victim worked for a catering company that cooks for the center.
    We’re reminded of what Markus Wallner, the head of Austria’s western Vorarlberg region said about the chances that integration courses will ultimately be successful: “Let’s not delude ourselves.”
    Tom Van Grieken, leader of the Belgian anti-immigrant party Vlaams Belang, isn’t “deluded.” Here’s what he had to say about the incident: “People who need a course on how to treat women should not be there in the first place.”
    (einde citaat).
    Zelfs het Vlaams Belang wordt geciteerd.!!
    Ondertussen hangt Bartje de straffe uit, en Theo(ke) de platte…!!
    Beiden zijn echter “verraders” in dienst van de belgische bezetter.
    Ze spannen samen met een door de bezetter gecontroleerde media.Deze samenzwering met de media geldt ten andere voor het ganse Westen :
    Over deze media :
    met citaat :
    “The sign of a totalitarian or authoritarian state is a media that feels no responsibility to investigate and to find the truth, accepting the role of propagandist instead. The entire Western media has been in the propaganda mode for a long time. In the US the transformation of journalists into propagandists was completed with the concentration of a diverse and independent media in six mega-corporations that are no longer run by journalists.”(=einde citaat)
    Nog een citaat :
    “Whistleblowers pay a high price. Many of them are in prison. Obama has prosecuted and imprisoned a record number. Once they are thrown in prison, the question becomes: “Who would believe a criminal?””(=einde citaat)
    Het besluit :
    “The government has us where it wants us—powerless and disinformed. Most Americans are too uneducated to be able to tell the difference between a building falling down from asymetrical damage and one blowing up. Mainstream journalists cannot question and investigate and keep their jobs. Scientists cannot speak out and continue to be funded.
    Truth telling has been shoved off into the alternative Internet media where I would wager the government runs sites that proclaim wild conspiracies, the purpose of which is to discredit all skeptics.”(=einde citaat).
    De rol van media bij de samenzwering inzake de vreemdelingeninvasies is dan ook van doorslaggevend belang.
    De vraag is opnieuw waarom Bartje nu plots de straffe mag komen uithangen over deze invasies bij de door de links en de loge gecontroleerde media.
    Het antwoord is eenvoudig : De aandacht afleiden van het Vlaams Belang, zoals ook al het geval was met Lippens. Ondertussen werkt de N-BA verder mee aan de deze invasies.
    Als de vijand de rode loper uitrolt is er altijd str… aan de knikker.

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