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  1. Ach ‘democratie’ ( verkiezing) dat is schouwspel toneel.
    Brood en spelen.

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    met citaat :
    “It comes as a surprise only to the elites and their media mouthpieces that the peasants are revolting, tired of their prevarication, arrogance, and ineptitude. Don’t, however, expect them to pay attention to anything so insignificant as the popular will; they won’t go gentle into that good night. In the US, the establishment can live with Hillary, and if either Trump or Sanders—the revolution’s candidates—wins, the new president will soon learn who actually runs the government. Or he will have an unfortunate accident or heart attack. However, the Empire is leaving nothing to chance; it has already initiated a preemptive counterattack.
    The counterattack has three overlapping fronts: war, the economy, and civil liberties. “(=einde citaat)
    Dit citaat is dan ook duidelijk en met “the Empire” bedoelt men de “Deep State” in de VSA. Zie ook de verwijzing naar een ongeval of een hartaanval!!!
    met een citaat over de Republikeinen :
    “Be warned: plans are already afoot to shove Trump aside, to derail him with some scandal easily excavated from a life spent greasing other pols and playing ball with the mob-riddled construction industry in New York, Jersey, and Nevada. Failing that, they’ll leave him with a gutted shell of the party apparatus and by-hook-or-crook get some other figure to make a well-funded run under a slightly altered banner: Paul Ryan, Bloomberg, Romney, just maybe Kasich. The Koch brothers will organize the money mojo. Failing that, there is always the mysterious magic of the Deep State for winning friends and influencing history”(=einde citaat).
    Opnieuw een citaat met een verwijzing naar de Deep State.
    Het besluit :
    “The biggest surprise of all yet-to-come is that television will fail to explain it. The second coming will not be the reappearance of the celebrity known as Jesus Christ, but rather of the event called the American Civil War.”(=einde citaat).
    met citaat :
    “Neoconservative historian Robert Kagan — one of the prime intellectual backers of the Iraq war and an advocate for Syrian intervention — announced in the Washington Post last week that if Trump secures the nomination “the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton.””(=einde citaat).
    Sommige Republikeinen gaan al voor Hillary stemmen!!
    met citaat :
    ““I would be incredibly concerned if a President Trump governed in a way that was consistent with the language that candidate Trump expressed during the campaign,” Former CIA director Michael Hayden said, in an interview with Bill Maher. Hayden also says that the armed forces would simply refuse to follow Trump’s orders were he to be elected and follow through on his campaign promises. “(=einde citaat).
    Er wordt al gedreigd met een rebellie van het leger!!
    met citaat over het succes van Trump :
    ” There’s every reason to be afraid of Trump, but he’s managed to make voters even more afraid of where the country is headed if he’s not the next president”(=einde citaat).
    Dit laatste moet je maar kunnen. Als Bartje dit maar niet op slechte gedachten brengt.
    Dit laatste bruggetje is echter het belangrijkste. Het geeft een kijk op wie er de werkelijke macht in handen heeft in de VSA(zie de namenlijst):
    Een citaat :
    “However, when such stalwart titans of financial establishmentarianism as the Council of Foreign Relations and “The Economist”, who until now had been largely ignoring Trump’s ascent in the political hierarchy finally unleash an all out assault and go after Trump on the very same day, you know that the flamboyant, hyperbolic billionaire has finally gotten on the nerves of some very high net worth individuals.
    Below are excerpts from the panicked lamentations of the Economist as written down this weekend in “Time to fire Trump”
    “…..is terrifying. He must be stopped.”(=einde citaat).
    Bij wijze van afsluiting :
    “@ilduce2016: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” – @realDonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain”
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 28, 2016″(=einde citaat).
    Uit deze reacties blijkt dat het gevaar niet alleen van de Democraten komt, maar in de eerste plaats vanuit de Republikeinse partij zelf. Dit belooft voor de toekomst.
    Alhoewel men zich kan vragen stellen over Trump, gezien zijn verleden, en over wie er achter schuil gaat, moet hij in alle geval een geweldig gevaar vormen voor “The Deep State”. Het feit dat hij het geheim van 11 september 2001 wil onthullen is dodelijk!!!

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